Sam is aangekomen in Finger Lake

Hallo iedereen,

Iditarod - It's there

Just had mushers meeting. Can't wait to get all the hoopla over with and be on the trail. 

Bedankt iedereen voor de aanmoedigingen en mooie woorden. Thx everybody for all the messages on the guestbook. 

Good luck to all the students with their projects. I'll be thinking about you guys when we're out there.

All dogs are looking great. I'm really excited about this team. It's a young group of dogs though and I didn't train them very hard so we're gonna take it easy. Nooo, young students, I'm not gonna win. We're gonna have a lot of fun. 

70-80-90 fuif ten voordele van sam en de ms-liga

De eerste actie in het kader van "race4ms" is een feit.  

't Vierkant'n wiel organiseert een fuif ten voordele van Sam en de MS-Liga.  De fuif gaat door op zaterdag 20 maart 2010 vanaf 21 uur in de Levensboom, Bruyningstraat 56b te Marke-Kortrijk.

Back in Sterling


Filmpje van Sam zijn aankomst van de Yukon Quest

Hij is duidelijk doodmoe, maar het is toch leuk wat beelden te hebben.
Hopelijk is hij ondertussen al een klein beetje uitgerust :-)

Proficiat broertje! Je hebt dat fantastisch gedaan!

Braeburn and beyond!

Sam arrived this morning at the Braeburn Lodge checkpoint even before the handler crew could get there. We had been expecting Sam to rest on the way to Braeburn for at least 2 hours (as he'd planned), but when we got to the checkpoint at 7am, Sam had already been there and hour and fifteen minutes! His run was going so well, the dogs moving nicely, that he decided it might actually be worse to stop and rest a few hours.

Pelly Crossing, McCabe Creek, and Carmacks checkpoints

I apologize for so many checkpoints all grouped together, but the way Sam's team is moving the three checkpoints seem to blend together. 

a few more words on the Dawson layover

I thought you all might enjoy hearing a little bit more info on Sam's stay and then departure from Dawson. After he got a full night's sleep Sammy was anxious to get back with his dogteam. The dogs were brought out of their tent shelter to stretch out, go for a walk, get a massage, and fuel up again with a mixture of beef, fat, turkey skins, kibble and plenty of water. It was encouraging to see, only 12 hours into the 36 hour rest, that the dogs were looking like they were already rested enough to hit the trail again. 

Dawson City

Finally a few moments of calm after the mad rush and busyness of the last couple days. Sam is out of Dawson City and back on the trail!! I'll try to give a run down of the events from the past days, however bear with me because its all kind of a blur with the lack of sleep and the hectic schedule.

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